Daisy’s beautifully crafted characters have so much soul and personality that we knew she would be perfect to bring Chester and Cheshire West’s adoption book to life.
With her relaxed and creative enthusiasm Daisy is as much as joy to work with as her creations. Like all great artists her work appears effortlessly simple yet this simplicity is borne only through real dedication, tremendous hard work, and a genuine love of her craft. I look forward to working with her again.
Chris Blackhurst, Wonderful Life Media

I was extremely keen to work with Daisy based on the strength of her book, Get Ahead Fred. I felt that it was a unique take on a children’s picture book with the inventive, delightful characters. Having Daisy come in as our resident author doing book signings and craft afternoons was a joy. She came well prepared with ideas for activities and was always enthusiastic and committed to help us make the most of these events. It will be a true pleasure to work with her again.
Jennifer Dobson, Regional Children’s Manager, Waterstones

Daisy has worked with us on numerous national commercial projects using her journalistic skills to verify UGC and competition entries, sourcing photographers in far-flung towns around the country and co- ordinating the shoots and sub-editing commercial content for projects running across several titles.
Whatever the project, you can always count on Daisy to deliver. Her can-do attitude, editorial skills and ability to turn anything around on a tight deadline make her one of my go-to people for freelance projects. A pleasure to work with.
Katie Kulkarni
Invention Creative & Project Manager, Trinity Mirror Solutions

Daisy has run many sessions in Cheshire West Libraries and she is always a hit with our children.
I have had the pleasure to work with Daisy and Fred on several occasions at Neston Library. They are always entertaining engaging and interactive sessions. Families want to know when she will be visiting again.
Daisy is a born storyteller and her unique style and delivery make a visit by her a real treat.
Susannah Hill, Senior Librarian, Cheshire Libraries

Daisy worked in partnership with the Belvedere Academy enrichment programme by leading weekly Model Making workshops at our school. During these sessions, Daisy taught a group of students (aged 11-14) to use model making techniques and supported them to plan and create their own projects.
I was delighted to work with Daisy because of her professionalism, range of experience and talent. She was an inspiring role model for Belvedere students.
Stephanie Bradley, Enrichment Co-ordinator, The Belvedere Academy

As an author and writer, it is important for me to be reassured that the people with whom I am working, in the process of design and publication, are that perfect combination of artist and professional: and Daisy more than qualifies!
As a creative designer and author herself, Daisy has the sensitivity necessary to encourage, resource, and sustain the artistic process, whilst also supplying the necessary professional skills and experienced insight, to guarantee that what is produced is marketable and competitive without losing any of its integrity.
The capacity to strike this balance is rare, which is why Daisy is such a joy to collaborate with: And that is what working with Daisy is like; because it is a shared goal that she encourages, and she always brings added value to the relationship between originator and facilitator. Also, as a person who it is fun and rewarding to work with, Daisy is second to none: I heartily recommend her as someone to trust with your professional and artistic priorities; which is so essential when the creative process engages with the marketplace.
Ken Pye, Author

Daisy was the designer for the House of Lipa for Liverpool is Burning: The Grand Vogue Ball. The house (group) was made up of eleven students from the college and Daisy did an absolutely fantastic job of designing for them.
She turned a boy into the most gorgeous Beyonce (which got one of the biggest cheers of the night from the audience), and dressed some of the girls as Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn, Sandra Dee and Cyndi Lauper.
But her coup-de-theatre was the ‘Dress-up-Dollies’ cardboard dresses she created specially for the Fantasia section, where the Dollies very cheekily revealed they were wearing only their underwear and some cute LIPA knickers underneath!
This was design at its best – demonstrating that Daisy has a cheeky, humorous, practical and imaginative design sensibility. It was a testament to her work that the House of LIPA won the ‘Most Outstanding Contribution’ Award on the night of the Ball!
She was a gem to work with – reliable, punctual, thrifty (important on a small budget), efficient and brilliant at keeping on top of everything that needed to be done.
I would work with her again like a shot and would recommend her to any theatre / dance / television director looking for a really awesome designer.
Kathy Mc Ardle, Project Producer, Liverpool is Burning: The Grand Vogue Ball

Daisy has worked with the Capital of Culture team to produce the Seasonal Events Guides for the year. I worked directly with Daisy on producing two of these guides and found her support to be invaluable. I felt that Daisy was really committed to the project and I would highly recommend Daisy as both a writer and project manager.
Sarah Klaveness, Liverpool Culture Company