The seaside rocks

I DO like to be beside the seaside. No matter what time of year, I love the beach.

As kids, if my mum and dad were planning to take us to the seaside they would keep it to themselves until the day of the trip. This is because, on one occasion, they made the mistake of telling me the day before and I was so excited that I slept in my swimming costume. Needless to say that was quite awkward for my parents (I was three at the time).

I still love the prospect of collecting shells and spotting marine wildlife. Luckily (or was it planned?) my nearest beach is now at the end of my road.

One of my favourite places on this planet is Anglesey in North Wales. I get in a terrible grump when I have to leave.

Here, the experts from Anglesey Sea Zoo show us what to look for on the beach.