Ready, steady… glamp

We were lucky to visit beautiful Bala as part of a media visit to North Wales last year, staying with The Caravanning and Camping Club.

Ready Camp is everything I want from a camping holiday.

Not that I’m picky – I love the outdoors – but I don’t enjoy being in a cramped tent, wearing damp clothes and surviving on whatever we can cook on a single gas burner.

Rain while camping also brings back miserable memories of Glastonbury in 1998 – the year with all THAT MUD. Everything was covered. Plus the portaloos were pushed over so goodness knows what was mixed in with it.

Ready Camp suited me down to the ground. There are actual beds for a kick-off, and plenty of space. I even enjoyed hearing the sound of rain on the canvas – a major breakthrough.

I won’t be heading into the mountains Bear Grylls style any time soon, but give me a safari tent and I’m a happy bunny.