Gawd bless us, everyone – it’s the spirits of Christmas

Nothing complements the season of good will better than a good ghost story. And there’s no better ghost story than A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Mickey Mouse and The Muppets first introduced me to this tale of festive new beginnings back when I was a kid. I loved watching Micheal Caine stomp about the set scaring the pants off the various animals and monsters in his path.

As a freelance journalist I would often be drafted in to help on regional newspapers at busy times. Every year in the run up to Christmas, the subs on the newsdesk in my home town would start to sing the songs from this film.

We’ve all been scattered our separate ways over the years but I bet, on Christmas Eve, somewhere there are subs singing: “After all there’s only one more sleep til Christmas Day…” in their best Kermit voices.