Christmas cards

It’s not long now… As the clock ticks over into December we will be in full-blown Chrimbo mode.

My son has been making a list and checking it twice, to make extra sure he hasn’t forgotten anything important. This year we sent his list off to XM4 SHQ (no offence Royal Mail, but we put another one up the chimney, just to make sure).

I keep a copy of all of my son’s Christmas lists, as I like to help the Big Man in Red out by securing some of his items. I’m not sure if Santa knows his way around an Xbox and I wouldn’t want to expose him to the wrath of an 8-year-old with the wrong version of a very specific game.

I still send Christmas cards and look forward to sticking on the stamps, especially as one no longer has to lick them to stick them. Now I can enjoy my Bailey’s Almande over ice without the acrid aftertaste of stamp gum. Happy days.