Chatting with Chili Pepper Chad

I nearly hit the newsroom ceiling with excitement when I was offered the chance to go to Leeds Festival to interview Chad Smith of the Chili Peppers. They were my favourite band OF ALL TIME when I was 17.

When you are a teenager in a small northern town, the promise of Californian sunshine and rock n roll is just too good to resist.

Sat in the Chilis’ rehearsal room backstage, I was told by the tour manager not to touch anything. But Flea’s bass was right next to me and I have to admit to a *tiny* touch.

I’d spent the whole day in the run up my interview trying not to fall over in the mud and I arrived cool, clean and collected backstage. But seeing Anthony Kiedis and co sent me spiralling, lost for words, into an uncoordinated Bridget Jones style ball of clumsiness.

I got it together in time to interview Chad who was really lovely. Afterwards, I left on the golf cart to join the great unwashed and caught the Chilis’ set before driving home. Sometimes I love my job.